Company History

Banco BIC Português S.A. was founded in January 2008 and initiated its activity as a bank on May 26 of the same year. Its headquarters are located in Lisbon, in which the first Business Centre/Branch was established, with the opening of another in Porto at the end of 2008. In the years to follow, Banco BIC marked its presence in Viseu, Aveiro, Leiria and Braga, launching its Alvarenga branch, especially designed to secure financial resources, in 2010. 

In 2012, Banco BIC added a new dimension to its already well-established orientations, becoming a retail bank as a result of a considerable boost in its sales network which, today, boasts over two hundred new branches.
With an equal shareholding structure to that of Banco BIC S.A. (Angola), the Portuguese Banco BIC
collaborates with renowned shareholders from the Portuguese business market, particularly from the banking
sector, as well as with other prominent figures from the economic and financial sectors of Angola. In addition
to this team, the Bank also counts on a set of professionals with vast experience in the financial system, not
only in Portugal but also in other countries of the African continent, Brazil and Spain.

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