About Us

We are a Portuguese bank, dedicated to serving the Portuguese market and collaborating in the development of economic relations between Portugal and Angola.


We provide a comprehensive financial service tailored to the needs of individual and business clients. In order to accommodate the specific nature and uniqueness of each request, our integrated, flexible solutions are under constant development, complying with strict quality standards and handled with the utmost proficiency and professionalism.


We assume a key role in the strengthening of economic relations between these two countries, relying largely on the support of Banco BIC S.A.(Angola). Thus, and within this scope, our activity sets out to target companies and entrepreneurs given to the exportation of services and goods with investment strategies in Angola, or in the process of internationalisation towards this country.


We offer a broad range of innovative products and services, subject to expert management and designed by people for people. Designed just for you.


Banco BIC Português, S.A.
Registered Office: Av. António Augusto de Aguiar,
132, 1050-020 Lisbon
Share Capital: 410.429.800 euros
Registration No and Taxpayer ref.
No. 503 159 093

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